Ultimate Technical Solutions: Architecting an Always-On Infrastructure

David St. Etienne, President
Business continuity planning is an area that businesses cannot afford to neglect. Besides combating cyber threats and disasters, an effective business continuity plan comes in handy during many other situations. David St. Etienne, President, Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc. (UTSI), believes that almost 75 percent of companies shut down due to losing critical business data in the event of a disaster. Keeping in mind the magnitude of these incidents, the C-suite is on a lookout for robust solutions that can identify their business’s most important IT services and make plans to keep them up and running. To that end, UTSI, with over two decades of experience, has been instrumental in providing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for natural disasters and cyberattacks. “We enable clients to develop a business continuity plan to minimize the unproductive downtime caused by a disaster while maximizing the availability of their system infrastructure,” he explains. “We identify clients’ most important services and ensure they are always up and running.”

UTSI leverages data center facilities, network operation center, automated monitoring systems, and a team of experienced professionals to achieve an always-on, always-available technology infrastructure. UTSI’s virtualization technology enables clients to keep infrastructures such as website and email, and even phone systems online. The data is safely backed up on secure servers, giving clients access to it through a variety of online communications links. “In the aftermath of a business interruption, we provide the links to our clients so they can ensure undisrupted business operations irrespective of the condition of their physical resources,” explains St. Etienne. Through the company’s continuity solution, clients can replicate important data to offsite locations for both storage and disaster recovery. “We use remote connectivity technology to make servers across the country function accurately,” adds St. Etienne.

We identify clients’ most important services and ensure they are always up and running

UTSI also implements a disaster recovery system, which restores computer systems to a working state quickly, without losing any important company information. Further, the company has streamlined the entire solution by partnering with Datto which helps protect customers by delivering uninterrupted access to data at any time, in a matter of minutes.

UTSI maintains competitive advantage through its solution’s ability to work with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems from a single platform with a true image based backup for all three environments. “Our solution fits into any OS the client uses, giving them a holistic view of all systems,” says St. Etienne. In one instance, two of UTSI’s clients in the waste management industry could not function due to power failure caused by a tornado. UTSI facilitated the lease and setup of generators for power supply until it could be provided by the utility company. Along with its partner, Datto, UTSI was able to provide them internet access via the Datto Networking solution. This enabled the client to service current contracts and gain new business even during critical times.

UTSI is working toward adding new features to its portfolio to offer business continuity solutions. This will allow the SMB market to have a single device as a firewall with built in 4G failover, enabling immediate transfer of control for the internet. “Our business continuity for internet will empower numerous businesses, especially those using cloud services,” concludes St. Etienne.

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David St. Etienne, President

UTSI employs various kinds of technology solutions to achieve an alwayson, always-available technology infrastructure

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