Paragon Software Group: A Game-changing Approach to BDR

Tom Fedro, President
In today’s hypercompetitive economy, organizations place the safety of their data and the continuity of their business and core offerings at the top of the enterprise priority list. At the same time, as more businesses maintain a hybrid mix of physical and virtual computing environments, the need for a single product to manage their entire Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) initiative becomes imperative. Why? Because seeing the big BDR picture is critical in a dynamic IT environment, and streamlining BDR management is essential as IT teams face constant pressure to increase productivity and save costs.

Paragon’s Protect & Restore (PPR) BDR solution is designed with this idea in mind. Developed by Paragon’s seasoned engineering team, PPR combines BDR for virtual and physical servers, along with workstations, in a single product. The result is an investment that ensures business continuity at an attractively low cost while also offering ease of administration and management. In addition, PPR gives organizations the freedom to implement backups according to their own requirements, allowing archiving to second-tier storage or the cloud.

“Since Paragon Software Group was established 22 years ago, thousands of small to mid-enterprise businesses have depended on our solutions for the foundation of their business continuity strategies,” says Tom Fedro, President of Paragon Software Group Corp. “Major OEM manufacturers—from HP and Belkin, to WD, Seagate, D-Link and ACER—also recognize the value of Paragon technology and incorporate it into their own products.”

Many of the world's most innovative cloud, backup and storage organizations enhance their solutions by leveraging Paragon’s Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), BDR and cross-platform Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technologies for physical and virtual workstations, servers and hosts. And with virtualization now driving many next-generation data center strategies, Paragon is also providing peace of mind to CIOs with its complete portfolio of BDR solutions for VMware, Hyper-V and other Hypervisors.

With virtualization now driving many next-generation data center strategies, Paragon is also providing peace of mind to CIOs with its complete portfolio of BDR solutions for VMware, Hyper-V and other Hypervisors

According to Fedro, as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has gained traction, and the number of vendors offering DRaaS Solutions has multiplied, it’s inevitable that organizations consider migrating to a new platform for any number of reasons. Paragon is focused on easing their migration processes, delivering P2V and V2V capabilities with unmatched ease and value. Key features of the company’s BDR solutions include disk and file-based backup, differential and incremental backups, bare-metal restore to dissimilar hardware and virtual machines, and a wizard-driven backup retention scheduler for convenient “set and forget” operation.

Recently, when a Phoenix metro area hospital was bogged down with multiple BDR products and vendors supporting their 40 physical servers and virtual hosts, they turned to a trusted Paragon reseller for help. They were up for renewal on their existing products and after a live demonstration and onsite testing, they chose PPR for its robust technology and single product approach to addressing BDR across their entire organization. With Paragon’s innovative Unified Site Licensing, the client was able to save more than 50 percent compared to their renewal quote.

“With a 22-year track record and a longstanding reputation for value, Paragon is recognized for delivering software that makes it easy for customers to meet their most critical data protection, business continuity and system optimization needs,” said Fedro.

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Tom Fedro, President

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