Axcient: Making Protection an Effortless Task

Justin Moore, CEO
Not so long ago, NSK, a managed service provider used to support its clients’ files with a backup solution from Zenith. However, soon NSK’s clients began having major outages, hardware failure, and poor support experiences with Zenith. It was then Tim Lasonde, President, started looking for a solution that would not fail NSK and its clients. Becoming intrigued by Axcient’s single-vendor, single solution approach, Lasonde was convinced the solution was superior to its existing data backup platform from installation to support. With the Axcient all-in-one data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution, NSK has doubled in size within two years. “You have to have a reliable backup solution to be a successful MSP. Axcient serves that role for us and we do file restore on a daily basis and it’s been flawless,” says Lasonde. The Mountain View-based company builds powerful solutions to help businesses run at their full potential during any kind of disaster. “We do this by combining the power and scale of the cloud with the flexibility of software-defined architectures and the simplicity of consumer applications,” says Justin Moore, CEO, Axcient.

Axcient’s Fusion—a cloud-converged solution for IT resilience, mirrors a firms entire IT infrastructure in the cloud and acts as its replicated data center on-demand. Designed by leveraging the latest cloud computing technologies, Fusion empowers organizations to replicate and protect their applications, virtualize critical workloads and tackle non-production use cases like testing and development with one simple interface. Proven by thousands of deployments across every industry, Fusion is the next evolution in managed IT resilience.

By consolidating and converging business continuity and disaster recovery workloads in the cloud, Axcient helps organizations save eighty percent of their IT costs and overhead compared to legacy on premise infrastructure. Axcient’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) cloud works through a centralized, web-based interface that is interconnected to the physical and virtual servers through Axcient's local physical or virtual device. The company’s backup and disaster recovery solution protects firms’ files, folders, applications or entire systems by creating a de-duplicated mirror of business locally, and in the cloud for easy access and recovery of files.

We can virtualize the entire IT environment with only a click

At the time of any disaster crisis, organizations’ infrastructure can still be functioning through Axcient's local and cloud recovery. “We can virtualize the entire IT environment with only a click. We're capable of recovering all the required files and data within minutes after a disaster,” notes Moore. With a sole backup and disaster recovery solution, the physical and virtual environments are well protected. Axcient recognizes the devices connected to the network and suggests protection of data in physical, virtual, laptops, and workstations. Axcient's solution has made protection an effortless task for several enterprises.

Axcient has a wide customer base spanning over different industries that include legal, financial services, healthcare, IT service providers, transportation, manufacturing and more. Since its inception, Axcient has been guiding and supporting its clients from these diverse verticals to choose the right backup solution for the IT infrastructure. Axcient facilities are not restricted to its effective solutions but its support extends to its customers in terms of granting access to Axcient knowledge base and documentation. “Our all-new, powerfully simple user portal has everything you need to create support cases, triage issues with our knowledge base and learn more about our product with our documentation—all in a single portal,” asserts Moore. Recently, the company has released Fusion 1.5 that features new cloud orchestration and workflow automation capabilities to simplify and automate the way IT departments ensure continuity and availability for their critical services. In the days to come, Axcient has plans of joining hands with other technology distributors and leading cloud services aggregators to expand its strategic alliance in the disaster recovery arena.


Mountain View, CA

Justin Moore, CEO

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