Storcom: Reliable and Complete Disaster Recovery Solution

David Kluger, Principal Technology Architect
Natural disasters, power outages, and infrastructure failures have been a primary cause of threat to the productivity and functioning of organizations. This is the consequent result of the lack of appropriate planning and aligned with the business needs and capabilities of any company. According to a Gartner report, “One out of three respondents (33 percent) did not include IT outages as part of their BC plans and nearly half (42 percent) omitted computer virus attacks.” “But even when organizations include IT disasters in their recovery plans, those plans are often too broad or incomplete.” By recognizing this need, a company called Storcom created a complete and well-structured plan that can be seamlessly adhered to and aligned with business needs and capabilities of many organizations. “We infuse the knowledge and expertise that we gained from DR/ BC planning and testing for Fortune 500 companies to empower mid-tier firms in executing their business operations without disturbances,” says David Kluger, Principal Technology Architect, Storcom.

With its headquarters in Chicago, IL, Storcom offers “Recover by Storcom” which provides local data protection at customers’ sites, delivering point-in-time capability to restore everything from a file to an entire virtual machine to bare metal recovery. “Our solution provides operational recovery with low recovery times and the ability to keep archive copies of data on a cost effective platform,” remarks Kluger. “We provide both low recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) as well as long term retention of these points in time,” adds Kluger.

Recover by Storcom replicates customers’ data and stores its additional copies at the company’s site. Machines that are deemed critical and needed in the event of disaster are also set up for virtual standby at Storcom’s site. These can be turned on rapidly to meet the recovery time objective of organizations during critical outages.
“Offering a cloud based backup solution as well as end-to-end capability. We ensure that once customers’ data is in our facility, we can bring their applications back online for users to access their data,” says Kluger.

Our solution provides operational recovery with low recovery times and the ability to keep archive copies of data on a cost effective platform

Storcom provides unmatched customer service, distinct and useful deliverables, and has real-world experience dealing with natural and man-made data disasters. In one instance, a client encountered significant damage in a section of their shop floor when their manufacturing equipment caught on fire. The client’s server room was not damaged but there was concern that it might have gotten to that point. Since there were other parts of the plant that were not harmed by the fire, Storcom decided to run the client’s main ERP application that integrated their manufacturing process from its facility. Storcom was able to bring up the customer’s servers and VPN in less than 30 minutes to allow the shop floor in the unaffected areas to continue operations. Although, the server was not damaged, Storcom had the production data written to the disaster recovery system and then initiated the fail-back process the next day.

Kluger believes that with more ways to leverage the public cloud and other technology offerings, data protection, and disaster recovery will inevitably change. Storcom plans to expand its horizons across industries by enhancing its key product to ensure companies’ data protection and disaster recovery systems are well organized.


Chicago, IL

David Kluger, Principal Technology Architect

Provider of disaster recovery and business continuity planning as well as structured cloud-based backups.