Evolve IP: IT Disasters, A Matter of ‘When’, Not ‘If’

Tim Allen, Chief Sales Officer
Broken backup tapes and cumbersome recovery procedures were just the start of Rusty Lorenzon’s concerns. Even more troubling for Leaf Financial’s Director of IT infrastructure was the thought that in the event of a disaster he didn’t have 100 percent certainty that the organization could recover fully.

His solution? Moving the firm’s disaster recovery to the cloud. “We went from ‘we hope and pray’ our environment will come up in 48 hours to ‘we know we can get it running in under 4 hours,” says Lorenzon.

Based on Evolve IP’s 2015 survey of more than 2,000 IT professionals, Lorenzons’s concerns weren’t a typical or unwarranted. In fact, more than three out of ten IT professionals (34 percent) reported their organization suffered a major incident requiring them to implement disaster recovery procedures. Meanwhile, less than half indicated that they felt ‘very prepared’ to handle a major IT disaster.

Another standout piece of data revealed that those with their DR in the cloud—Disaster Recovery-as-a- Service (DRaaS)—were ultimately more confident in their ability to recover from a disaster. Those with DRaaS were also more likely to have compliance requirements and the combination left 66 percent feeling very prepared for a disaster versus just 31.5 percent of those using traditional recovery without compliance.

CIO Review is recognizing Evolve IP for its award-winning DRaaS solution. Leveraging world-class partners like EMC, VMWare and Microsoft, Evolve IP designed its DRaaS suite to allow businesses to determine their level of risk and budget accordingly.

This unique offering provides a dependable suite of products that meet varied recovery needs across an organization. It offers a wide range of service levels for RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) with RPOs measured in seconds, not hours.
This means that customers like LEAF can recover data from almost exactly the point in time when an incident occurred so that nothing is lost. According to Lorenzon, “Now every department is recovered at the same time with just one phone call to Evolve IP. Data is recovered in near real-time so nothing is lost and all of our networking is tested and validated quickly at the site. We reload in a fraction of the time that we did with our legacy system.”

With Evolve IP’s solution, staff just point and click or make a call, saving man hours as well as system downtime. The service also helps to eliminate the need for unnecessarily exhaustive documentation which saves additional administrative time on maxed out IT teams.

Evolve IP provides a fully automated failover and failback process with a flexible, self-service portal. It also features Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and geographically dispersed data centers with redundant, active-configurations for business continuity in the event of a failure or outage. Evolve IP data centers are also SOC 2/3 compliant.

Now every department is recovered at the same time with just one phone call to Evolve IP. Data is recovered in near real-time so nothing is lost

Evolve IP’s DRaaS also stands out against other providers based on the company’s dedication to make sure their customer’s succeed from design to implementation to ongoing support. “Evolve IP goes above and beyond to support customers,” said Lorenzon. “They worked alongside us as a trusted advisor throughout the process for a great end result and I couldn’t be happier.”

Evolve IP

Wayne, PA

Tim Allen, Chief Sales Officer

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