Axcient: DRaaS—Designed for Today’s Always-on Business

Justin Moore, CEO
Everyone is acquainted with cloud-based backup services. Whether enterprises are utilizing uncomplicated file-based software tools or complicated image-based appliances, these services deliver the data into secure cloud storage where it can be accessed at a moment's notice. However, Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS portrays a different picture in handling critical situations. Instead of storing the back up into off premises, the data can be stored on the premises. Axcient, a Mountain View-based company, offers such a facility and builds powerful solutions to help businesses run at their full potential during any kind of disaster. “We do this by combining the power and scale of the cloud with the flexibility of software-defined architectures and the simplicity of consumer applications,” says Justin Moore, CEO, Axcient.

We're capable of recovering all the required files and data within minutes after a disaster

Axcient built world’s first Business Recovery Cloud. Axcient’s DRaaS cloud works through a centralized, web-based interface that is interconnected to the physical and virtual servers through Axcient's local physical or virtual device. Axcient's backup and disaster recovery solution protects your data, applications, and IT infrastructure. The solution protects the files, folders, applications or entire systems by creating a de-duplicated mirror of business locally and in the cloud for easy access and recovery of files. The recovery and set up process just takes five minutes through Axcient's detect and protect technology. With a sole backup and disaster recovery solution, the physical and virtual environments are well protected. Axcient recognizes the devices connected to the network and suggests protection of data in physical, virtual, laptops and workstations. Axcient's solution has made protection an effortless task for several enterprises.
The backup and disaster recovery solution offers granular recovery options, system snapshots; bare metal restores, and full virtualization. During any kind of disaster crisis, the infrastructure can still be functioning through Axcient's local and cloud recovery. “We can virtualize the entire IT environment with only a click. We're capable of recovering all the required files and data within minutes after a disaster,” notes Moore. In addition to that, Axcient automatically identifies all devices connected to the network and suggests protection profiles for physical, virtual servers, as well as laptops and workstations.

Axcient customers span over fifteen different industries, including legal, financial services, healthcare, IT service providers, transportation, manufacturing and more. For instance, NSK, an IT consulting firm specialized in cloud computing technologies was facing major issues with backup systems. As a result, their customers struggled with severe downtime and hardware failure. NSK implemented Axcient's data backup solution and Axcient team of experts with deep expertise connected the client’s servers to DRaaS platform. The client gained larger customer base in a short while after joining hands with Axcient. After witnessing a tremendous change, the client decided to move their backup into Axcient’s cloud for better reliability and functionality.

Over the years, Axcient has been guiding and supporting its clients to choose the right backup solution for the IT infrastructure. Moreover, Axcient is very supportive to its users in terms of granting access to Axcient knowledge base and documentation for its customers. “Our all-new, powerfully simple user portal has everything you need to create support cases, triage issues with our knowledge base and learn more about our product with our documentation—all in a single portal,” asserts Moore. In the days to come, Axcient has plans of joining hands with other technology distributors and leading cloud services aggregators to expand its strategic alliance in the disaster recovery arena.


Mountain View, CA

Justin Moore, CEO

Axcient's backup and disaster recovery solution protects data, applications, and IT infrastructure from downtime.