Bluelock: Infrastructure Management for Data Recovery

Christopher Clapp, CEO
Natural and man-made disasters are bound to chance, culminating in significant loss to businesses around the globe. In today’s competitive market, downtime can hamper reputation and market shares. “Better be prepared than sorry” is what drives businesses towards realizing Data Recovery as an important part of their business continuity plan. Building into the same need of providing solutions and service related to cloud based recovery and encryption, datacenter infrastructure is Indianapolis, IN based Bluelock.

“Businesses are already realizing the scalability and affordability of cloud services. With our Bluelock’s Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS), we add these benefits to Data Recovery,” says Christopher Clapp, CEO, Bluelock. The firm’s In-Cloud Recovery-as-a-Service enables businesses that are already leveraging the cloud technology to be prepared for any undesirable scenarios such as virus attacks, software corruption, and natural disasters amongst others.

The In-Cloud 4-series Virtual datacenters of Bluelock allows seamless copying and recovery of entire data from business workflow. The solution also includes customized Runbooks created and tested extensively by the Bluelock support team and client to avoid any process error and chaos during disaster recovery. “We are prepared to overcome any business turmoil as datacenters are monitored regularly to ensure proper functioning of replication tools and infrastructures,” adds Clapp.

For businesses that aren’t yet using the cloud, Bluelock offers To-Cloud RaaS solution to recover data hosted within their facilities. The businesses running VmWare can easily replicate their data to a Virtual Datacenter. Bluelock charges only for the infrastructure and replication service, avoiding any duplication in the recovery environment that could cost extra to their clients. “With Bluelock’s high performance infrastructure, businesses can easily recover their critical data with a near-Zero Recovery point objective,” says Clapp.

Bluelock also caters to the data recovery needs of healthcare organizations, where HIPAA regulations and compliance need to be followed for maintaining the integrity and privacy of health reports.
The firm supports its RaaS customers through Recovery Assurance Program. Abbreviated as RAS, it is a unique process that exhaustively documents the critical components of a recovery plan and tests them for complete recovery confidence, while providing ongoing support and management of the solution. Along with the recovery solution, Bluelock empowers business with Bluelock Portfolio for RaaS, a tool providing complete visibility into the recovery plan, also a real time dashboard to manage the recovery process.

With Bluelock’s high performance infrastructure, businesses can easily recover their critical data with a near-Zero Recovery point objective

Over the years, the Bluelock customer base has grown significantly. In one instance, Bluelock worked with a financial service company and helped in protecting their business against unexpected down time and regulatory penalties due to lost data. The collection work by the company was database driven, and there was loss of money every time there was a down time. In addition, implementing the internal strategy for data recovery remained an uphill task for the small IT department. The financial company leveraged Bluelock’s Recovery-as-a-Service to replicate the data through a private network, decreasing the application recovery time to less than one hour. The solution provided by Bluelock enabled the financial firm’s small IT department to focus on strategies, reducing the hassle for an internal data recovery plan.

Striving to simplify infrastructure management, Bluelock empowers the CIO’s office of an organization to achieve better efficacy irrespective of their size. With its robust technologies that are constantly evolving, the firm is well positioned to integrate customized disaster recovery solutions for the complex requirements of the future.


Indianapolis, IN

Christopher Clapp, CEO

Provides cloud based disaster recovery solutions, data centers and security modules for sensitive data that adds to business continuity plan.